May 31, 2010

Summer Recipes

It's summer! I have two days of school left this week, and then I'm off until the end of August.  My fun summer plans include working at Kitchen Conservatory a few days a week, teaching some classes there, lots of reading (suggestions welcome), and just trying to RELAX for a change.  Things have been stressful--to say the least--around here the past two months, especially the past couple weeks. 

And, since I won't have to worry about the usual never-ending stack of papers to grade, I hope to do more cooking than I have so far this year.

Below are some of my favorite summertime recipes:




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Sara K said...

You've probably already read her books, but the descriptions of all kinds of edible delights that Frances Mayes gives in A Year in the World are wonderful. I still think of her description of churros from time to time, and hope that I get the chance to eat them the same way she did, on the streets of Spain.