December 31, 2008

Best of 2008

2008 was a year of changes for me. My divorce was final in January (bittersweet after a year of separation), I quit my job at the winery to work at Kitchen Conservatory in April, I starting teaching cooking classes there in June, and I was hired to teach high school English (a job for which I left my college teaching job) in August.

Through it all, though, I kept cooking. I joined a couple online baking groups, Tuesdays with Dorie and Daring Bakers, which have forced me to learn to make pies and cakes galore. Earlier in the year, I participated in several blogging events, such as Weekend Herb Blogging and Taste & Create. I've met other food bloggers in the St. Louis area, whose encouragement is must appreciated.

Looking over the past year on this blog, I've complied my favorite recipes, posts, & pictures. Enjoy...and Happy New Year!

Favorite Recipes:

Armenian Meat Pies - My foray into dough making.
No Knead Bread - Helped me to overcome my fear of bread baking.
Vacation Shrimps - Fresh seafood in an impromptu sauce made for one good vacation lunch.
The Ultimate Mac & Cheese - In my search for the best mac & cheese recipe, this one came out a winner.
Asparagus & Meyer Lemon Risotto - My first successful risotto.
Fig & Ginger Glazed Ribs - Oh. My. God. These were good.
Sopa Seca de Fideo - A recipe learned from Diana Kennedy herself.
French Chocolate Brownies - My first from-scratch brownies, so good I made two batches!
Sour Cherry Pie - I finally conquered pie dough.
Beet Ravioli with Poppy Seed Butter & Basil - I liked this so much, I made it three days in a row.
Ginger Peach Galette - I was loving the fruit pastries this summer.
Black-and-White Banana Loaf - Who knew banana bread could be so good!
Shredded Pork Tacos - Also makes for a kick-ass plate of nachos.
Cincinnati Chili - Simply yum.
Duck Hunter's Pie - My best wild duck recipe.
Turkey Breast Roulade - I may never roast a whole turkey at Thanksgiving again!
Ravioli & Meat Sauce - A new Christmas Eve tradition.

Favorite Posts:

Carbonara: Italian for "Fuck it, let's eat."
Cucina d'amore
Whine & Food
Spring Shrooms
Dessert for the Broken-Hearted
What Momma Used to Make
(I wish I was in) Florida...Pie
Learning to Make Croissants

Favorite Pics:


Jacque said...

Oooh, that's a nice collection of pictures. It sounds like you went through a lot of change this year. Here's hoping 2009 is your best year yet.

Katie Zeller said...

Can I have one of those cookies, please?
Or, all of them?
Nice anthology!