April 16, 2008

Camera Advice?

HELP! I am tired of my ugly pictures. I need a new camera.

Any advice out there on what I should get?

What kinds of cameras do y'all use?

Any other suggestions to take better photos?


Anonymous said...

Ellie from Kitchen Wench put together a series of very useful topics on food photography using a Point-and-Shoot camera and Post-Production Editing. I don't now what you're shooting with, but maybe some of her tips can help you unlock a little more beauty out of your camera!

GOod luck!

Anonymous said...

PS - The link to her site is: http://www.insanitytheory.net/kitchenwench/ and you can find her tutorials under "Links to Love"

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't necessarily run out and buy an expensive camera so that you have better pictures. I use a fairly inexpensive (couple hundred $$) point and shoot and I think I take good photos.

Some tips:
- Use as much natural light as possible.
- Use the macro (flower) setting
- Turn off the flash
- Using something like Photoshop or Gimp for post-processing can tweak photos as well.

Anonymous said...

I use a Canon PowerShot A540. Mostly, I like it because it's small. I also like the MF button which probably doesn't stand for MacroFlower, but that's my interpretation. I use it when I'm taking close up photos of food or flowers.

My single photo tip is take lots of pictures. Any picture that ends up on my blog was selected from at least six similar shots from slightly different angles or using different backgrounds. Of course, I'm still not always happy with the results, but most of the time I get something I'm willing to use.

ironstef said...

I use a sony DSC-H2 and love it. The best tip I've used for food photos is to learn to adjust your white balance on your camera. That way you get good, realistic colors. Flash is a no-no! too harsh. a steady hand and some good white balance. Of course, natural light is the best...but for dinners that's usually not an option.