December 11, 2009

Favorite Holiday Recipes

I'm really trying to like the holidays more each year. What helps is all the rich, fattening, & sugar-laden foods that are perfectly acceptable to gorge yourself on during the month of December.

Food traditions also help me to love the holiday season. For a few years, I made real Fettuccine Alfredo (heavy cream, butter, garlic, & Parmesan cheese) with crab on Christmas Eve. It's the ultimate in indulgence. Last year, we made Homemade Ravioli & Meat Sauce at Jerad's parents' house on Christmas Eve. We plan to make that our new family tradition.

My favorite Christmas morning brunch dish is Salmon-Stuffed Puff Pastry, a roll of puff pastry filled with smoked salmon & herbed scrambled eggs. It goes perfectly with a mimosa (or two). Espresso Walnut Cake makes a tasty breakfast treat as well. I also make a lot of gingerbread during the holidays. My two favorite recipes are Chocolate Gingerbread and Triple Ginger Bread.

Speaking of gingerbread, a couple years ago I was obsessed with gingerbread syrup (the kind of syrup they use in lattes). I got two huge bottles to make "Christmas in a glass" cocktails (champagne with a splash of spicy gingerbread syrup. I had so much of it, though, that I started coming up with different ways to use it, including a Gingerbread Vinaigrette which is delicious on a spinach & fruit salad with goat cheese.

What holiday food traditions do you have in your family?
What are your favorite holiday recipes?

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