January 9, 2008

Huevos Rancheros (Viva las Breakfast!)

I've never really been a big breakfast kinda gal. That's because I usually run late in the mornings, cursing and fumbling as I rush out the door. For the past year, however, I've been making a point to get up earlier and enjoy lazy mornings, complete with big breakfasts, with the idea that a happier morning will make for a happier day, and eventually a happier life. (I really don't mean that to sound as grim as it seems).

There is some soothing, almost artistic, about making a good breakfast...like the Eggs Benedict I made last August. Since I am still on vacation (four 5 more days), I've been making (healthy) breakfast every morning. So far this week I've had a veggie frittata, egg muffins, eggs sardou, huevos rancheros.

The sardou & rancheros were new recipes for me.

I first had eggs sardou at Commander's Palace in New Orleans, and I hastily tried to recreate that breakfast this week. I totally flaked out by using canned artichoke hearts (too vinegary), frozen creamed spinach (too bland), and over-easy eggs (instead of poached) sans hollandaise sauce. It was so awful that I couldn't even eat it. I plan to redeem myself by making authentic eggs sardou this weekend...diet be damned!

The huevos rancheros were pretty tasty, though...even thought I chose to forgo the corn tortilla in the name of good health. Instead, I put some canned fat-free refried beans (warmed, of course) on a plate, topped it with eggs sunny-side-up, a homemade ranchero sauce, and shredded cheddar jack cheese.

For the sauce, I sauteed half of a small onion (chopped) with 2 vine-ripened tomatoes (blitzed to a pulp in the food processor) and 1 garlic clove (crushed). When the onion was soft, I added 2 chipotle peppers (chopped) and 2 tablespoons of adobo sauce (the sauce the canned chipotles come in). This simmered on the stove until it was thick and most of the watery liquid had evaporated.

So good! I have some sauce left in the fridge and plan to mix it into cheesy scrambled eggs tomorrow. (I think it would be good slathered on cooked meats, too.)

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