June 20, 2009

Sparkling French Limonade Cocktails

Each summer, Kitchen Conservatory stocks large swing-top bottles of Lorina Sparkling French Limonade ($5.50 for 750 ml).

This summer, I added booze to it.

First, I mixed the limonade with Absolut Pear vodka.

Then, I muddled some mint with a wedge of lime in the bottom of a glass. I added a shot of white rum, filled the glass with ice, then topped it off with some of the limonade.

I am going to stock up on this stuff. It's all I plan to drink this summer.

Just don't shake any of it in a cocktail shaker. The fizziness of the limonade makes the top of the shaker kinda explode off. Trust me. Learn from my mistakes.

Now, get yourself to KC for some of this and make your own tasty drinks!


KELLY said...

P.S. I plan on mixing some of this limonade with homemade strawberry vodka next!

Steph said...

I think we should get together and talk with this beverage!!!!!! Lots of this beverage. I also love how it's going to be the only thing you drink this summer!