February 8, 2009

25 Random Things About Food And Me

The 25 Random Things lists are currently popular on Facebook, and today I saw that some food bloggers (like Good Stuff NW & Culinate) are making their own lists.

And since I don't have any new recipes to post (It's been fairly boring in my kitchen lately & I've been too busy to cook), I decided to post my own "About Food And Me" list.

1. I buy rotisserie chickens from the supermarket just so I can eat the crispy skin off.

2. Today, I ate mashed up avocado on toast for breakfast.

3. I could eat pasta every day.

4. I am addicted to caffeine.

5. New Orleans is my favorite food city, but I haven't been there since Hurricane Katrina. Now, it scares me.

6. I've met Tyler Florence, Morimoto, Rick Bayless, Hubert Keller, Jacques Pepin, & Diana Kennedy.

7. My favorite restaurant experience was at Tru in Chicago several years ago. The meal (with wine & tip) for two cost $500, but it was worth every penny.

8. I go through phases where I can't eat eggs. Sometimes, they gross me out.

9. I could easily be a vegetarian.

10. I have a weakness for potato chips & French fries.

11. I've eaten way too much bacon in the past couple years.

12. My dream job is to be a personal chef.

13. I have red KitchenAid counter-top appliances.

14. My boyfriend is a fabulous cook, and I completely trust him in the kitchen.

15. I wish I lived in the country so that I could have a huge garden and keep chickens.

16. I read cookbooks cover to cover like novels.

17. I haven't eaten a pre-packaged frozen meal in many years.

18. I think about food more than anything else.

19. I've come to appreciate people who hunt for food more than for sport.

20. I consider eating a hot dog a treat.

21. I only go to sporting events for the food.

22. I don't like cilantro; it tastes metallic to me, and this is apparently a genetic thing.

23. I go to grocery stores for fun.

24. Popcorn is my favorite snack.

25. I have the same kind of cookie jar on my counter that Monica had on Friends.


Anonymous said...

I read your blog via google reader and as soon as I saw the title, I thought about all of the 25 things notes I've read on facebook. Yours, however, was much more interesting.

KELLY said...

Thanks, Peggy!

Anonymous said...

Wow--I relate to so many of these, particularly reading cookbooks like novels. Looks like BlogHer will be fun!

Ericstl6 said...

No cilantro, huh? I love to eat it right from from the ground! Great list!

Katie Zeller said...

Hot dogs are a treat, yes, but State Fair Pronto Pups... now, that is really. really a treat