August 24, 2008

Taste & Create: Bacon Fried Rice

I was paired up with Christine of Kits Chow for this month's edition of Taste & Create, a blog event in which foodies are paired up and required to cook one recipe from each other's blog, write about it on their own page, and submit pics to the T&C website.

After browsing through all the delicious looking recipes, I narrowed my choice down to two...the bacon fried rice or the sweet & sour caramelized pork spare ribs. I even bought all the ingredients for both recipes. In the end, however, I went with the fried rice.

I bought a wok last year and was excited to FINALLY be using it. I am inspired, now, to seek out other wok recipes.

The fried rice is flavorful and not at all greasy, as I worried about while I was cooking. I'm glad I picked it!

Bacon Fried Rice


4 rashers of smoked bacon (I used four thick-cut slices of hickory smoked bacon)
2 eggs, beaten, salt and pepper added
4 shallots (or medium white onion), sliced thinly
Optional, a couple of tablespoons of
ginger scallion oil (see recipe below)
A cup of frozen peas (or any kind of mixed frozen vegetables)
4 cups of cooked rice
2 or 3 tablespoons of oyster sauce
Sesame oil or hot chili oil
Peanut oil for stir frying


Kelly's Note: First of all, since bacon is the key ingredient here, be sure to choose a GOOD QUALITY bacon. A lean, center-cut bacon would work well here.

  • Heat the wok or frying pan and add a couple tablespoons of the oil. Fry the bacon and the chopped shallots until the bacon is cooked through and the onion is soft. Add the ginger scallion oil.

Kelly's Note: If you want the bacon crispy, fry it separately. Remove the bacon from the pan, break into bits and set aside. (Toss the bacon bits in with the fried rice just before serving). Then fry the chopped shallots until they have softened & mix in the ginger scallion oil.

  • Add the eggs and fry them the way you cook scrambled eggs. The eggs should be runny. They will be cooked more later. Remove the eggs from the pan and set aside.
  • Add some another tablespoon of oil and heat it. Then add the cold rice, lumps and all. Use the spatula to break up the pieces.
  • Add the frozen peas. It isn't necessary to boil them first. Use the spatula to break the peas up. Stir fry the peas and rice together.
  • Put the scrambled eggs/bacon/onion mixture back into the pan. Stir fry everything together.
  • Add the oyster sauce and mix everything together.
  • Sprinkle some sesame oil (or hot chili oil) and toss everything together.
  • Dish up and serve. Add more hot chili oil to each serving, if desired.

Ginger Scallion Oil

1/2 a cup of shredded ginger (or finely minced ginger)
1/2 a cup of finely chopped scallions
1 cup of peanut oil
A clove of garlic, minced
Some coarse sea salt

  • Heat a small frying pan with half the oil and add the ginger, scallions, & garlic. Cook them without browning until the vegetables become limp.
  • Add the rest of the oil and heat the oil for about 30 seconds.
  • Add the sea salt when the mixture has cooled.
  • Put the contents of the pan into a bowl and set aside.


KC said...

Your fried rice looks excellent. I'm going to get some hickory-smoked bacon.

I love Whitman. What a great man. His words are so relevant today.

I'm reading the poems very slowly as there is a lot to think about in his words. Now I'm reading On the Beach at Night. It is so beautiful.

Thanks, Kelly.

vanillasugarblog said...

Oh yes, this does look so good. I know I will be making this as I am a lover of all things fried rice. Bacon is good, very good.

White Sugar Brown Sugar by Rachel Garlinghouse said...

Looks amazing. I just had dinner, but I still have rooom for some of your food!