December 28, 2015

Best of 2015

It's the final days of the year and time to look back on the past twelve months. 2015 was a great year, the happiest I've had in a long time. I fell hard and fast for a wonderful man who loves me (and all my quirks), who makes me smile until my face hurts, who spoils me rotten, and who has become my favorite person of all time in the history of ever. I'm as smitten with him today as I was on our very first date.

After many years of heartbreak and drama, I finally feel like myself again. I'm no longer suffering from overwhelming anxiety and depression, I have more self-esteem, I enjoy the time I spend alone (instead of feeling lonely), and I am excited about teaching.

I'm looking forward to the future instead of being worried about it. We are planning a spring break trip to Montreal (a surprise Christmas gift from Nick). We are talking about taking other trips as Chicago, Memphis, New Orleans, Orlando, San Diego, Washington DC. Paris, someday. Planning a future is so much fun!

All in all, I'm just damn happy. FINALLY.

While I spent more time knitting than cooking this year, I still enjoyed feeding my family and friends. Here are my top ten posts and some of the best food I made in 2015.

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2016!

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