December 29, 2013

Best of 2013

Goodbye, 2013. Good riddance. This year was a rough one...lots of stress, anxiety, drama, and sadness: no heat for over a week in January, a leaky steam pipe that had to be replaced, a collapsed carport, a badly sprained knee, a broken AC system, a friend's betrayal, lies, failed trust, and a broken heart.

But, there were a few good highlights: a new car, a couple of new tattoos, a fun 40th birthday party, and reconciliation. At year's end, things are starting to look up. I am trying to remain hopeful about the future while being happy in the moment.

Thinking back, through all the heartache I realized some important things. I decided what I really want out of life & I learned that I have a couple great friends, that my students are very important to me, that time does heal all wounds, that I am loved, and that no matter what I have to just keep swimming.

I never tend to stick with my new year's resolutions, but there are a few changes I'd like to make this year: go to the gym more often (I was doing so well last year before I hurt my knee), do more yoga, let go of jealousy, be a better friend, and spend less time on social media (in fact, I'm seriously considering giving up Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the year).

I'd also like to do more cooking and blogging. I only posted 35 times this past year. I have an ever-growing list of recipes I'd like to make, so I'm going to put in more effort to experiment in the kitchen. What would YOU like to see more of on here?

Below are my most popular posts of the year:

5. Pho Ga

1. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (to heal a broken heart)

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