June 25, 2007

Breakfast for Dinner

I had planned to make Monte Cristos for breakfast yesterday, but I didn't have time. Instead, I had them for dinner before my class tonight.

I began these "french toast" sandwiches by schmearing one slice of multi-grain bread with dijon mustard and another with orange marmalade. I topped each with some baby swiss, then Virgina ham on one and maple turkey on the other. I dipped them in beaten eggs and fried them in a bit of melted butter until browned. I stuck them under the broiler for just a few minutes to ensure everything was warm and melty.

And, well, they were just okay. Not as spectacular as I had hoped. Kind of just like a grilled ham/turkey & cheese sandwich. And the middles were kind of cold and unmelty.

I was hoping for something much more satisfying, something more of a cheezy taste explosion in my mouth. Maybe I'll try Croque Monsieur next time.

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