February 4, 2011

French Fridays with Dorie: Basque Potato Tortilla

I've joined a new online cooking group: French Fridays with Dorie. Created by the people behind Tuesdays with Dorie (a baking group), these bloggers are cooking their way through Dorie Greenspan's new cookbook Around My French Table.

I made quite a few of the TWD recipes from March 2008-December 2009. I joined the group to force myself to learn baking skills, which I did. After nearly 2 years of making weekly desserts, though, I had just had to stop. That was simply too much sweet stuff.

Recently, though, I've found myself with all kinds of cooking plans that I never follow-through with. I figured that having a weekly cooking project would be a good idea to get motivated. Though, I still may not complete each week's recipe, my goal is to try at least two every month.

The rules for this group are simple: Make the chosen recipe each week, post on Fridays, but don't publish the recipe. Also, there is no minimum posting requirement...which is nice as I was eventually "kicked out" of the TWD group for not posting.

photo from Around My French Table
This week's recipe is for Basque Potato Tortilla, which I've been referring to as a "potato quiche." It's more like a frittata than a quiche, though, and it's easy to make...brown potatoes & onions with garlic & rosemary, combine with beaten eggs, cook slowly without stirring in a cast-iron skillet until set, finish under the broiler.

Meant to be served at room temperature, this is a popular Spanish hors d'oeuvre (often served in bite-sized pieces on toothpicks) served in the Basque region of France, according to Dorie. I ate it warm for dinner with a side of braised kale with garlic & lemon. Jerad ate a few cold slices for breakfast the next day with a side of ketchup (Ahh, Jerseyville).

Upcoming recipes:
Feb. 11 - Orange-Almond Tart
Feb. 18 - Pancetta Green Beans
Feb. 25 - Short Ribs in Red Wine & Port

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