November 3, 2010

Winter 2010-2011 Cooking Classes

Kitchen Conservatory's winter schedule is now posted online. Here are my upcoming classes:

DATE NIGHT FOR COUPLES: THE HARD EDGE TO THE BIG EASY - Sunday, Nov. 7 @ 5:00-7:30 (hands-on)
  • This hands-on class for couples is all about the Cajun cuisine of New Orleans and hard ciders! Jerad has selected two incredible ciders to pair with fried pickles and bacon-wrapped grilled jalapeños stuffed with chorizo. Learn to create andouille-pork burgers, sweet potato fries, red beans and rice, plus white chocolate bread pudding with bourbon sauce.

GIRLS' NIGHT OUT: WINE BAR TAPAS - Saturday, Nov. 13 @ 6:30-9:00 (demonstration)
  • Raise a toast as I bring the wine bar to a different level with delicious tapas. Start with roasted olives spiced with orange and chile, a glass of white wine paired with walnut-stilton shortbread topped with pears and mascarpone, grilled bruschetta with tuna and capers, a glass of red wine paired with fried goat cheese with tomato chutney, and polenta bites with roasted mushrooms and caramelized onions. Finish with rosemary-chocolate truffles.

DATE NIGHT FOR COUPLES: GROWN-UPS' MAC-AND-CHEESE - Sunday, Nov. 21 @ 5:00-7:30 (hands-on)
  • Mac-and-cheese has never tasted so sophisticated! Couples will love the adult version of three luscious interpretations of this classic dish, as this hands-on class creates orzo with mascarpone and butter-poached lobster, souffléed mac-and-cheese with gouda and smoked paprika, and the ultimate baked mac-and-cheese with peas and bacon. Sip on a rum-ginger beer cocktail, and make fennel-apple salad with apple cider vinaigrette, plus key lime sorbet.

DATE NIGHT FOR COUPLES: FROM BEER TO SUSHI ETERNITY - Friday, Nov. 26 @ 6:00-8:30 OR Friday, March 11 @ 6:30-9:00 (hands-on)
  • Be prepared for a fun evening of sushi designed just for couples. Enjoy salt-and-pepper edamame, then learn to prepare sticky sushi rice and make a variety of hand-formed nigiri, and rolled maki, including spicy tuna rolls, California rolls and Philadelphia rolls -- all served with cold beer that Jerad has chosen to pair perfectly with sushi. Finally, we'll make lemongrass sorbet for a refreshing dessert. 
DATE NIGHT FOR COUPLES: THE ULTIMATE COCKTAIL PARTY - Sunday, Dec. 26 @ 5:00-7:30 (hands-on)
  • Before they start playing Auld Lang Syne, join us in the kitchen to shake up orange-rosemary mojitos and ginger-gin rickeys. Learn to create a dazzling spread with chile-garlic peanuts, chorizo corn "pups", mini tomato-ricotta tarte Tatins, Caesar salad bites in parmesan cups, seared ahi tuna nachos with avocado-corn salsa, plus s'more shooters.

MATCHMAKER - Wednesday, Dec. 29 @ 6:00-8:30 (demonstration)
  • I prove that it is not which wines to match with food, but rather how to prepare your food to perfectly balance with your favorite wines! Enjoy an outrageous evening, starting with buttered popcorn to highlight the butteriness of chardonnay, aromatic sautéed lemongrass-lime shrimp with riesling, seared beef tenderloin with mushroom-cabernet sauce paired with cabernet, stilton and pears with port, plus a fabulous flourless chocolate-red wine cake with rosemary ganache served with red wine.

HEIR AND A PARENT: WIZARDS IN THE KITCHEN - Sunday, Jan. 9 @ 1:00-3:30 OR Sunday, Feb. 27 @ 12:30-3:00 OR Sunday, March 13 @ 1:00-3:30 (hands-on)
  • Attention all Muggles! Experience the world of Harry Potter and make magic in the kitchen as I help you prepare delightful dishes described throughout the J.K. Rowling series, including The Three Broomsticks' butterbeer, ham & cheese pasties from the Hogwarts house-elves, Mrs. Weasley's potatoes with béchamel sauce, and Aunt Petunia's individual berry & pudding trifles. Before you apparate home, you'll make edible wands to help ward off He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. This class is designed for children, at least 7 years of age, plus a parent.

DATE NIGHT FOR COUPLES: LIFE IS A CABERNET - Sunday, Jan. 16 @ 5:00-7:30 (hands-on)
  • Learn to cook with the wonderful flavors of wine in this delightful hands-on class. The class designed for couples will prepare mushroom-red pepper salad with red wine-herb vinaigrette, oven-roasted beef tenderloin with roasted red grape wine sauce, homemade ravioli stuffed with ricotta and nuts with a creamy asparagus chardonnay sauce, plus fabulous flourless chocolate-red wine cake with rosemary ganache -- all enjoyed with cabernet wine.

GIRLS' NIGHT OUT: SHAKE AND BACON - Saturday, Jan. 22 @ 6:00-8:30 (demonstration)
  • Gather your girlfriends together for a fun evening, as I shake up a BLT martini with homemade bacon vodka and create irresistible bacon dishes. Enjoy bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with almonds, caramelized onion-spinach salad with blue cheese and warm bacon vinaigrette, classic pasta carbonara, plus candied bacon ice cream.

GIRLS' NIGHT OUT: HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU! - Friday, Jan. 28 @ 6:00-8:30 (demonstration)
  • Whether you are in or out of a relationship, enjoy a laugh poking fun at romance! In my "anti-Valentine's Day" class, I offer a quirky take on love gone awry, as you sip on a "heart of darkness" chocolate-passion fruit martini. I'll also prepare feta crostini with sour citrus relish, "broken hearts" salad of artichoke hearts & hearts of palm with garlic vinaigrette, plus squid ink pasta with lobster in a spicy tomato sauce. Dessert is bittersweet: a bitter chocolate tart with a pretzel crust.

SUSHI ROCK AND ROLL - Saturday, Feb. 12 @ 12:00-2:30 (hands-on)
  • Wrap and roll your favorite sushi in a hands-on class. Learn to use a variety of ingredients to create incredible hand rolls that will showcase your inner artist. Enjoy salt-and-pepper edamame, then learn to prepare sticky sushi rice and make a variety of hand-formed nigiri, and rolled maki, including spicy tuna rolls, California rolls and Philadelphia rolls. Create lemongrass sorbet for a refreshing dessert.

DATE NIGHT FOR COUPLES: AN A-FARE TO REMEMBER - Sunday, Feb. 20 @ 5:00-7:30 (hands-on)
  • Spend a memorable evening with your partner creating lip-smacking delicious food. Jerad and I share our love for cooking together, as this hands-on class prepares grilled panzanella salad, rosemary fried chicken, mac-and-cheese with peas and bacon, ratatouille, and caramel apple galette. Jerad presents two perfect beer pairings ideal for dinner and dessert.

GIRLS' NIGHT OUT: JUST GRATE! - Saturday, March 5 @ 6:30-9:00 (demonstration)
  • Enjoy camembert fondue with crudités, crispy baked cheddar straws, fromage fort canapés, gorgonzola custards with pears and hazelnut vinaigrette, plus baked goat cheese with spicy tomato chutney. Served with white wine sangria.

Call Kitchen Conservatory at 314-862-2665 or register online.


Every Little Thing said...

I'm glad I found this list of your classes! I'll be sure to bookmark it and hopefully attend one.

(I found you from the STL Hops site and just moved to STL about three months ago. Hello!)

Kelly @ Barbaric Gulp! said...

Hi, there...and welcome to St. Louis. You should come to a class! They're fun! ;-)