November 12, 2007

Make that FIVE new recipes

I've been hoping that the weather will finally cool and it will feel like winter. I am ready for heavy sweaters, boots, warming fires, and belly-filling comfort foods like soups and stews and casseroles and pastas.

No such luck. Although it was gray and rainy today, it was still 70 degrees again. In mid-November. This just isn't right.

Winter was well underway at this time last year. In fact, during the first week of December there was a major ice storm that cut out power for a while. Then again, it did dip down into the 30s a couple weeks ago and is supposed to get that cold again later this week. So, who might actually be chilly enough in December to warrant getting my coats out.

Who says global warming doesn't exist?

Despite the unseasonably warm weather, I made soup anyway for dinner it wishful thinking...another batch of creamy potato & leek soup, this one with an addition of chicken broth, garlic, fresh rosemary, & fresh oregano.

And to go with it, some of Tyler's Ultimate caramelized onion toast...crunchy French bread topped with onions, anchovies, olives, oregano, thyme, olive oil, & shaved aged gouda. Really, really good...especially with a big glass of spicy red zin.

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