August 16, 2009

Fall Cooking Classes

Here are the classes I am teaching at Kitchen Conservatory this fall:

GIRLS' NIGHT OUT: SATURDAY NIGHT CHIVE - Saturday, Aug. 29 @ 6:00-8:30
A vegetarian menu!
  • white peach-grape sangria
  • lime-bathed peanut salad with tomatoes and jalapenos
  • caramelized onion bread with olives and parmesan
  • vegetable kabobs with toasted walnut, red pepper, chive & pomegranate marinade
  • mushroom, spinach & tofu-stuffed black tea spring rolls with mango-chutney dipping sauce
  • mesquite chocolate chip cookies

DATE NIGHT FOR COUPLES: FROM BEER TO SUSHI ETERNITY - Saturday, Sep. 19 OR Friday, Nov. 27 @ 6:00-8:30

Jerad Gardner, bar manager for Amalgamated Brewing, joins me in teaching this hands-on class. Enjoy salt-and-pepper edamame & spicy cucumber salad, then learn to prepare sticky sushi rice and make a variety of hand-formed nigiri, and rolled maki, including spicy tuna rolls, California rolls and Philadelphia rolls -- all served with Japanese beer.

GIRLS' NIGHT OUT: THE LURE OF LAVENDER - Saturday, Sep. 26 @ 6:00-8:30

  • lavender-tangerine mimosas
  • garlicky lavender-curry hummus with baked pita chips
  • spinach salad with lavender-lemon vinaigrette
  • Northwest lavender crab cakes
  • lavender couscous with artichokes
  • lavender-honey ice cream & lavender sugar cookies

GIRLS' NIGHT OUT: EVE'S APPLE - Saturday, Oct. 17 @ 6:30-9:00

  • apple-thyme martinis
  • apple-cheddar crostini
  • fried goat cheese salad with apple vinaigrette
  • lamb chops with apple-mint chutney
  • gingered apple galette


This hands-on class for couples is all about the Cajun cuisine of New Orleans and hard ciders! Jerad has selected two incredible ciders to pair with fried pickles, bacon-wrapped grilled jalapenos stuffed with chorizo, andouille-pork burgers, sweet potato fries, red beans & rice, plus white chocolate bread pudding with bourbon sauce.

GRACE-FUL THANKSGIVING - Saturday, Nov. 7 @ 11:00 am-1:30 pm

I'm doing all the cooking for this elegant Thanksgiving luncheon! Enjoy honey-nut glazed brie, butternut squash-cider bisque, turkey saltimbocca, potato-fennel gratin, cranberry-apple salad, & pumpkin creme brulee.

GIRLS' NIGHT OUT: THE JULIE & JULIA EXPERIENCE - Saturday, Nov. 14 @ 6:30-9:00

I'll tell you all about my recent Hollywood experience, as you enjoy gimlets (author Julie Powell's favorite cocktail) and the incredible cuisine from Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking and my favorite scenes in the movie: artichokes with lemon butter sauce, French onion soup, lobster thermidor, & chocolate cake with almonds.


This hands-on class will shake up a ginger gin & tonic and blood orange margaritas. Then we'll create a dazzling spread with cheddar straws, tomato bagna cauda fondue with vegetables, bacon-wrapped dates with green olive dipping sauce, tequila-lime shrimp skewers, mini chorizo corn "pups", & chocolate-orange palmiers.

MATCHMAKER - Tuesday, Dec. 29 @ 6:00-8:30

I'll show you that it is not which wines to match with food, but rather how to prepare your food to perfectly balance with your favorite wines! We'll start with buttered popcorn to highlight the butteriness of Chardonnay, then I'll make aromatic sauteed lemongrass-lime shrimp paired with Riesling, seared beef tenderloin with Cabernet, blue cheese with Port, plus a fabulous flourless chocolate-red wine cake with rosemary ganache served with red wine.

Call Kitchen Conservatory at 314-862-2665 or register online.


Steph said...

Been thinking I'll do the lavender class because I love lavender (and have never used it for cooking, but just about damn near everything else), and I can withstand crab cakes, I think.

Denzil said...

December 29th you say?

a.eye said...

Thanks for posting this. I was just trying to remember the classes you said would happen this fall from when I met you over the summer with KBO. I will try and attend.

Natalie Sztern said...

Oh barbaric...if only I lived in missouri instead of montreal...looked at the kitchen conservatory website and found it to be an amazing place with amazing jealous

Cora said...

I was just looking over the new KC schedule I got in the mail and trying to choose a date for a class to go to with my friend/neighbor. Hope we can get to one of yours!

Melody said...

Oh! That girl's night out apple class sounds like it is calling my name :) Thanks for the list ma lady!

phyllisjanes said...

I'm certainly game for a girl's night out event!

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