May 10, 2009

From Beer to Sushi Eternity

Jerad and I taught our first cooking class together last night...a sushi & beer class for couples. I was amazed at how well everyone did their first time rolling sushi. They were a great group, and we had so much fun (I wish I'd gotten a picture of everyone)!

Here are some of the rolls they made:

Tuna with asparagus & cream cheese

Salmon with asparagus & avocado

Carrot, green apple, & cream cheese

Philadelphia roll

Crab with asparagus & Nigiri (in the background)

We're teaching the class again in September. Check out the schedule of classes at Kitchen Conservatory for more info and to register.

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simpson1172 said...

Kelly, Thank you (and Jerad)...Bobby and I had a great night....learning to roll sushi waas so fun and yoiu guys were great! Thanks! Stephanie