March 14, 2009

Oreo Truffles

At the beginning of the school year, everyone in my department drew names to bring birthday treats for that person. I drew Joni's name, but--I hate to admit it--I completely forgot that her birthday was on Wednesday. That is, until someone reminded me about it Tuesday afternoon. I had class Tuesday night, so I was freaking out a bit about what I was going to make.

I'll admit that I briefly glanced at the cakes at the supermarket. But, I knew I couldn't bring anything pre-made. They wouldn't let me forget it, especially with all the bragging I do about my cooking.

The birthday girl with one of her treats.

So, I decided to make the oreo truffles I've been reading so much about online. They were the perfect thing...few ingredients, easy to make, and addictively good! In fact, they were such a hit that I am making them again for a baby shower at work.

The pregnant lady & her baby boy will get their fill of truffles next week!

Oreo Truffles
inspired by KBestOliver & Bakerella

1 package Oreo cookies
8 ounces cream cheese (softened)
1 pound dark chocolate
white chocolate (for decorating)
  • Crush the cookies in a food processor until there are no big crumbs. Add the softened cream cheese and pulse until the mixture comes together and there are no lumps of cream cheese.
  • Roll the mixture into 1" balls (or use a small disher) and place on wax paper (or silicone mat) covered cookie sheet. Refrigerate until firm, about an hour.
  • Melt the dark chocolate over a double-boiler, then dip the cookie/cream cheese balls into it, tapping off extra. Set aside on wax paper covered cookie sheet.
  • Melt the white chocolate and pour into a pastry bag or small sandwich bag (with the tip cut off). Drizzle the chocolate decoratively over the truffles.
  • Chill in the fridge until the chocolate is set or you're ready to serve.
  • Makes about 36 truffles.
  • I used an entire bar of Ghirardelli white chocolate, and it was too much. I'd suggest only use half to begin with.
  • Alternately, you could dip the truffles in white chocolate instead of dark.
  • Of course, you could color the white chocolate to create more festive decorations. I am planning to make the dark chocolate truffles with blue drizzles for the baby shower.


Jess said...

I made these all the time last year and brought them to work as well! They are a BIG hit, just don't tell anyone the nutritional information! I would dip mine in white chocolate and called them "inside out oreos." Glad your crew enjoyed them too!

Anonymous said...

i just tried these, they are soooo easy and were a big hit. Jess is right...the calorie count has to be outragous

Anonymous said...

I just tried these they are super easy and were a huge hit. I can not imagine how many calories are in this....ugh don't think about...or tell anyone

Anonymous said...

Oreo truffles sound wonderful. I'll have to make them one day, especially since they are easy.

eve! said...

I'm totally making these. And "Oreo Truffles" is a much better name than, say, chocolate-cheesey-fatballs. (Though one certainly is more fun.)

oneordinaryday said...

Oreo truffles are a big favorite around here. The mint oreos are my favorite - absolutely wonderful. You'll have to give them a try.

White Sugar Brown Sugar by Rachel Garlinghouse said...

KELLY! These look amazing! Put one in your freezer for me.

You are so talented---as a cook, as a writer, and as a teacher. SIU shouldn't have let you go. The place just isn't the same without you.

breadchick said...

OK, absolutely not fair to tease me like this!! These look so decadent and delicious.

AmyRuth said...

Yummy what a easy but decadent treat!

AmyRuth said...

Yummy what a easy but decadent treat!