May 1, 2007

Morels for Breakfast

Hunting for morel mushrooms is a big deal around here. People will trapse around their secret spots in search of that elusive fungi. All the talk for the last month was about how much a recent freeze affected the 'shroom growth.

I've never mushroom hunted or cook fresh morels, but last week a friend of mine gave me a few mushrooms he had found. So, one morning I sliced up and sauteed them in a little butter, then ate them on the side with scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast.

And I have to say...

...I wasn't all that impressed.

I like mushrooms, but I didn't like the taste or texture of the morels. Maybe it was the way I cooked them. Maybe they weren't dry enough. Maybe I used too much butter. Maybe they sat a little too long while I cooked the eggs.

I've been told that fried morels is the way to go. So, maybe I'll try that sometime. Hell, maybe I'll just do a little mushroom hunting myself soon.

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